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Hi, I'm Amy...the quilty energy behind

Sew Thursty Quilt Co!

I'm a native Florida girl who now calls the mountains and Northern Virginia home. Between me and my husband, our two teens, and the cutest mini beagle ever, life stays pretty busy ~ but I wouldn't trade it for anything in the world! 

I learned to quilt from my grandmother when I was young and completed my first quilt ~ totally hand pieced ~ when I was about 13. The sewing and quilting eventually took a back seat once I graduated college and turned my focus towards being a wife, mother, and RN. I picked it back up in 2019 though...but with a MODERN twist! I love black and white...always have...and I love incorporating it into everything I make! When I do splash in some color though you'll see how much I love cool shades of green and pops of color from a peacock palette. 

I have always wanted to design my own quilt patterns to share with the quilty world so in 2022 I decided to turn my hobby and love of quilting into Sew Thursty Quilt Co! I also took a leap of faith a few months later and enrolled in Elizabeth Chappell's Quilter's Candy Pattern Writing Course and, well, here I am! 

So welcome, I'm excited you're here! Drop me a message and introduce yourself, I'd love to get to know you better and share some inspirational creativity with each other.

Happy quilting,


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